Researchers teach AI to think like a dog and find out what they know about the world

What can artificial intelligence learn from dogs? Quite a lot, say researchers from the University of Washington and Allen Institute for AI. They recently trained neural networks to interpret and predict the behavior of canines. Their results, they say, show that animals could provide a new source of training data for AI systems — including those used to control robots.

Android has trust problem. Guess what????

Published today, a two-year study of Android security updates has revealed a distressing gap between the software patches Android companies claim to have on their devices and the ones they actually have. Your phone’s manufacturer may be lying to you about the security of your Android device. In fact, it appears that almost all of them do.

launched a blood-delivering drone

The drone’s engines are running, and I have 30 seconds to twist the red safety switch on top of the metal control panel, hold the blue button, and then press the green button to launch the drone. It was like playing a high-tech Bop It, and the payoff was sending a nearly seven-foot-long autonomous fix-winged aircraft zipping off its metal runway and into the sky.

Chinese fans of banned parody app find each other offline using secret codes

Now that a popular parody and meme app in China called “Neihan Duanzi” has been shut down and its social media account on WeChat got deleted, fans of the app are gathering in solidarity offline in subtle protest. Drivers are honking at each other in code to indicate that they’re fans, The New York Times reports. A coded message might be a car honk, followed by a pause, and two more honks.

Russia orders immediate block of Telegram messaging app

A Russian court has ruled that messaging app Telegram must be blocked in the country. The ruling follows months of battles between Telegram and Roskomnadzor, Russia’s telecommunications watchdog. Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) wants to access user data from Telegram through the sharing of encryption keys, but Telegram has refused to comply even after a court ruling.

New Snap Spectacles confirmed by FCC

The existence of at least one new pair of wearable Spectacle glasses for Snapchat has just been confirmed by the FCC’s radiation chambers. The documents published today, and first spotted by Variety, describe a “wearable video camera” made by Snap Inc. with “Spectacles” branding and “Model 002” printed on the packing label. Although most of the documents accompanying the filing are obscured under a confidentiality request, a little digging reveals support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 (BLE).
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