What’s it Like to Live in Space?

Do you ever dream about what life would be like in space? Many of us have spent time pondering what it would be like to circle the earth and experience a weightless world. Why not hear what life is like up there from an astronaut’s perspective? The Royal Institution has an incredible video series Called A Place Called Space that covers everything from astronaut’s dreams to what the earth looks like from space. So, what is it like to live in space? Here’s an astronaut’s perspective… CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO WATCH THE VIDEO https://youtu.be/P5dNp7i-API It is truly remarkable that we have the capacity to send people to space and sustain life outside of our earth’s atmosphere. Our fascination with what lies just beyond is a remarkable part of what makes us human! Sometimes, I like to think about what it would be like to explain to somebody from a century ago what lies ahead for humanity. Would I talk about the wars and strife ahead, or would I talk about the innovations in science and technology that have completely altered the fabric of society? I think I would talk about the latter. About our journies to the moon, about the lives that will be saved with modern medicine, about a world interconnected by a boundless infrastructure for communication. It is still an amazing world because it always has been an amazing world. Any world where we keep reaching, keep dreaming, and keep pushing the boundaries of possibility is a world I want to be a part of! Stay beautiful & keep laughing! -Marlon Deinmodei