Kinect 2 with Oculus Rift gets NASA robotic arm workout

( —NASA engineers like what they see in Microsoft Kinect 2 as they continue to work on space robots. A NASA video released earlier this month shows how it is leveraging a combination of Kinect 2 along with Oculus Rift, the virtual reality head-mounted display, for results that have engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory highly impressed.

New MIT technology allows 3D image interaction

In a Nov. 26, 2013, photo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate student Sean Follmer demonstrates inFORM technology on campus in Cambridge, Mass. Follmer, a researcher with MIT's Tangible Media Group, moves his hands in front of a depth-sensing camera which sends signals to a motorized pin screen in another location where a 3D image pops up to manipulate the red ball. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

A Bridge That Monitors Itself

Minneapolis's new bridge is designed with a mind to the future
By John Brandon
Just a few weeks ago, the new St. Anthony bridge in Minneapolis opened, to a heavy stream of commuter traffic. On August 1, 2007, the original bridge collapsed, killing 13 people and injuring more than 100.

The Future Of Flight: 3-D Printed Planes

NASA, Boeing, and others are using 3-D printed parts in their aircraft. Next up? A printable private jet.
By Davin Coburn
Last fall, GE Aviation quietly purchased two small 3-D–printing companies, Morris Technology and Rapid Quality Manufacturing, and in doing so made a loud statement: 3-D printing will shape the future of aircraft.

For the past decade, aerospace manufacturers have used additive printing to prototype select parts. The process is fast and affordable.

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