Sustainable Fusion Reactor

Nuclear fission (the process by which nuclear power plants produce energy) is much easier to control than nuclear fusion (the process by which the sun burns, and nuclear weapons work). Small nuclear fusion reactors have been built, but a large-scale, sustainable fusion reactor has yet to be attempted—until now.

Artificial Gills

Inventors have long sought an underwater breathing apparatus that doesn’t store oxygen, but extracts it from the water the way gills do. Israeli inventor Alon Bodner has come close.

Genetic Breakthrough in Editing Genomes

The incredible and revolutionary development of a new technique called Crispr allows scientists to engineer any part of the human genome with extremely accurate precision. This development is being called a milestone in medical science because the technology has the capability to treat a range of diseases from cancer and AIDS, to inherited genetic disorders such as sickle-cell anaemia and Down syndrome.

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