Watch Circuit Breaker live for Nintendo Switch projectors and Android P speculation

Season two of Circuit Breaker Live is almost over, so you have to enjoy the show while you still can. Nilay’s wife Becky had a baby, so he’ll be streaming it live at home, just like you. His baby is going to learn about gadgets, just like you, too. As always, we’ll be live at 4PM ET on The Verge’s YouTube channel. Paul and I will be hosting this episode where we’ll talk with Chaim Gartenberg about Nintendo Switch projectors.

Boosted’s first short electric skateboard starts at $749

Boosted is best known for its orange-wheeled electric longboard, but that’s about to change because the company has made the biggest expansion yet to its product lineup. Four new boards were announced today in two different form factors, including the company’s smallest and cheapest electric skateboard, the Boosted Mini.

Cambridge Analytica planned to launch its own cryptocurrency

The company behind Facebook’s massive data leak scandal, Cambridge Analytica, attempted to develop its own cryptocurrency this past year and intended to raise funds through an initial coin offering, Reuters and The New York Times reported today. The digital coin would have helped people store online personal data and even sell it, former Cambridge Analytica employee Brittany Kaiser told the Times.

Watch SpaceX launch NASA’s new exoplanet-hunting satellite

Update April 16th, 4:35PM ET: SpaceX is pushing back the launch until Wednesday, April 18th. The company says it needs more time to do analyses of guidance, navigation, and control systems. Original Story: On Wednesday, SpaceX will send a refrigerator-sized satellite into orbit for NASA to hunt for distant worlds far outside our Solar System. Called TESS, it’s the first NASA spacecraft that SpaceX will launch that is designed to peer deep into the cosmos.

Anker’s EverCam is a truly wireless smart security camera with 365 days of battery life

EverCam, a new security camera from the Anker-owned smart home brand Eufy, launched today on Kickstarter and it looks seriously impressive. The water-resistant HD recording device is billed as a truly wireless indoor or outdoor home security camera, meaning it doesn’t have to be mounted with screws or plugged into a power source. It can be stuck to any metal surface via built-in magnets (or with a single-screw mount if you really want to make sure it’s secure), and it can run for up to 365 days on a single charge. The device has already raised over $300,000 from more than 1,000 backers.

Intel is offloading virus scanning to its GPUs to improve performance and battery life

Intel is planning to allow virus scanners to use its integrated graphics chipsets to scan for malicious attacks. The change could see performance and battery life improve on some systems. “With Accelerated Memory Scanning, the scanning is handled by Intel’s integrated graphics processor, enabling more scanning, while reducing the impact on performance and power consumption,” explains Rick Echevarria, Intel’s platform security division VP. “Early benchmarking on Intel test systems show CPU utilization dropped from 20 percent to as little as 2 percent.”

What’s it Like to Live in Space?

Do you ever dream about what life would be like in space? Many of us have spent time pondering what it would be like to circle the earth and experience a weightless world. Why not hear what life is like up there from an astronaut’s perspective? The Royal Institution has an incredible video series Called A Place Called Space that covers everything from astronaut’s dreams to what the earth looks like from space. So, what is it like to live in space? Here’s an astronaut’s perspective… CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO WATCH THE VIDEO

GCHQ opening new Manchester base after concert terror attack

GCHQ has announced plans to build a new intelligence base in Manchester to bolster the country's defences against terror. The security agency will open a new facility next year in the city struck by a bomb that killed 22 people. Officials said the base would be "at the heart of the nation's security, using cutting-edge technology and technical ingenuity" to thwart threats. Jeremy Fleming, the director of GCHQ, said he was "delighted" and the move would create hundreds of jobs.
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