eBay now lets sellers autofill listings by scanning product barcodes

eBay is updating its Android and iOS apps to streamline the listing process by letting sellers scan the barcode of an item, according to Engadget. While eBay has supported scanning barcodes for some time, it was aimed at buyers who wanted to comparison shop. This new function is now targeted to sellers to help autofill some listing information when a product’s barcode is scanned.

Assembling Ikea furniture should be a new benchmark for robot dexterity

Assistant professor Pham Quang Cuong (L) and researcher fellow Francisco Suárez-Ruiz (R) from NTU Singapore pose next to a robot arm and the IKEA chair it helped assemble. Image: Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore It can be difficult to keep track of the progress being made in robotics, but one useful (if informal) marker is how good machines are at assembling Ikea furniture.

Honor's new flagship has a notch and comes in psychedelic colors

Honor, Huawei’s lower-cost sub-brand, has announced its latest flagship phone: the Honor 10. Building on the solid View 10 and taking some cues from the impressive Huawei P20, the Honor 10 is the first Honor phone to really look like a high-end 2018 device. Which is to say that yes, it has a notch. But like the P20, it also has an eye-catching iridescent finish and an all-glass body. There’s a fingerprint sensor below the screen, which is a 5.84-inch 1080p LCD with a tall aspect ratio, and the bottom edge of the phone houses a USB-C port and a headphone jack.

Qualcomm is slashing about 1,500 jobs in California to cut costs

Qualcomm has started cutting jobs in California, with aims to let go of around 1,500 people to meet a $1 billion savings commitment the company made to investors, reports Bloomberg. The job cuts are concentrated in California, but layoffs will also occur at other locations. The company currently employs around 33,800 people globally.
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